My girl was outed to a homophobic family




My girl was outed to a homophobic family and was kicked out her home. Her entire family turned against her and she was forced to use her entire funds on a apartment. Week after being outed she was fired from her job bc she tried getting 2 jobs and they had a problem with her asking for a schedule change. 
We see each other like once a year bc I’m in jersey n was in school n she’s in ga but I’m permanently moving to ga to help her. When she was outed she had anxiety attacks n not having a job made it worse. She’s been begging for me but I was a student n from helping my mom I don’t have the money to be there physically as I need to.

Last time I saw her was February. Being that I’m out of school I’m able to move if u guys could help I need 200 to make it to her 700 for our next month’s rent being that she lost her job n 400 for food n electricity bill. Guys please help I need to be with my girl.

please help this wonderful couple! @pvpacito has been featured on this blog several times, please send some real support her way! even a couple dollars count, but if you really can’t, reblog, reblog, reblog!!!!

My girl was outed to a homophobic family

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