We almost impeached a president for cheating on his fucking wife but we can’t even impeach Trump for putting children in fucking cages

Y’all are fucking annoying

It’s worse than that. We didn’t almost impeach Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was impeached–the senate just ruled to keep him in office.  

And what we impeached him for was perjury and obstruction of justice. 

Aka lying and getting in the way of official investigations.

You know. The things Trump has been doing since day one. On live TV and twitter. Where we have fucking proof of it. 

Yet here we are. And there he fucking still is. 

This is why we have to vote this November, guys. We have got to take back congress. Trump will almost certainly be impeached if we can get enough seats back. 

Please please, I beg of you. Even if you don’t love your democratic candidates this November; even if they’ve done ‘problematic’ things in the past–please vote. The people who sat it out in 2016 because they didn’t love Hillary, or were bitter about Bernie, or fucking voted third party–they are the ones who carry the weight of this administration. The republicans went in undivided. The democrats went in split. And now children are being torn from their families, legal citizens are being deported, and we have fucking Nazis on the rise again.

I get that you want your politician’s views to align perfectly with yours. I do. But sometimes in politics you have to chose the lesser of two evils. We didn’t do that in 2016. 

I beg of you. Do it this year. 

You may not be able to find a progressive candidate whose ideas precisely align with yours…but I PROMISE you that the fascist racist misogynist white supremacists have candidates whose ideas EXACTLY align with theirs.

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