guess what

– autism isn’t a joke

– memes meant to make fun of autistic people aren’t funny

– autism isnt an insult

– autism speaks sucks

– “autistic screeching” is ableist and not funny

– you aren’t “edgy”. you’re just a shitty person

-r*tard is a slur

thank you and good night

edit: so since more ppl are reblogging this and giving more tips, im going to add on

-your jokes aren’t more important than somebody’s life

-autistic ppl aren’t “dumb” or “stupid”

-autistic people should be allowed to enjoy things like slime and asmr without it being called “cringey”

-don’t make fun of people’s special interests (if it’s something that could harm them or somebody else, talk to them! don’t just pick on them!)

– don’t measure autistic people’s “worth” by how “well functioning” they are

feel free to add more!

(all hateful replies will be deleted and you will be blocked.)

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