Skype a Scientist




If you want to video chat with an awesome scientist in school, TELL YOUR TEACHER about skype a scientist!  It’s a totally free program that I run that will match your class up with a scientist in a field of your choosing. Get on it! 


New this semester! Adults can SkypeAScientist too! Get your library group, knitting club, senior center, literally WHATEVER together (as long as there are 8 humans in the same space) and sign up!

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We’re trying to get word out about this (totally free) program so we can make it the biggest semester of Skype a Scientist ever!

We’re looking to share the Skype a Scientist program as far and wide as we can with teachers, scientists, and community groups that may want to Skype A Scientist!  

We’re a group of 2000 scientists that are available to skype with classrooms and community groups for 30-60 minute Q&A sessions about their work or life as scientist! The program is totally free and run through The University of Connecticut! 

We’ve been featured on Science Friday too!

Please help us spread the word, @orpheumkids-blog @denvermuseumns @museumofscienceboston @science-junkie @skunkbear @thebeakerblog @nmmnhs @ncnaturalsciences @sciencenewsforstudents @currentsinbiology @amoebasisters

Skype a Scientist

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