[Image Description: Tags reading “I hope you like commas, comma comma comma comma comma chameleon”]

The AO3 Tag of the Day is: Someone please draw me a comma chameleon

I will now present a list of all the comma chameleons I have received, with my comments.

@bow-ties-and-daydreams made this:

A beautiful boy, but his horns are so scary! He might hurt someone! 9/10

@spreadyourwings-likeicarusdid made this:

This chameleon knows things. Secrets. See how she stares at you? She sees your soul. She knows. 10/10

@thequeenofrelax made this:

A hunter! Truly powerful. And such a great head! 10/10

@drawings-of-the-woods made this:

A good boy. Very sweet, polite, with nice freckles, but I’m worried that being scrunched up like that might hurt his back. 9/10

@polk-a-dop made this:

Ze’s so wriggly! Don’t you just want to kiss hir fuzzy head!? 10/10

@jam-jar-draws made this:

Her name is Oxford and she’s my best friend. 11/10

@veiledindevotions made this:

A bold, fresh reimagining of the concept. Creative! Gutsy! Unfortunately, there’s no grammatical reason to have a comma after the phrase “weird tag” when it’s not being used in a sentence. 9/10

@fangirlasocial made this:

This baby is still learning how to chameleon, but is trying! So hard! So proud of him! 100/10

@bb-908 made this:

It’s made of commas. It’s made of commas?!?! IT’S MADE!!! OF COMMAS!!! ∞/10

Thanks, everyone!

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