A reminder to my friends:

You are awesome! Things might not go as how you desired during the day, but let me tell you something: You are valid and deserves the respect and love, because you tried, and didn’t gave up. Today perhaps isn’t the best day, but there’s always tomorrow to stand up and try again, until you succeed.

I might also not be online always, but if you need a shoulder to rest on, don’t hesitate to come around to me, as my person will do the best to keep you safe and let your heart and mind vent.

It can be weird seeing me say those things, but the world is just filled with chaos and hatred that sometimes, everything we need is just a light to shine our day. I’m here to make you smile or atleast feel relieved from the daily stress, so remember to keep trying, and never give up!

Love yourself, because there’s always someone on this world that care about you.



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