Posting “dank memes” like “when the autistic kid…” actually harms autistic people.


And you’re awful if you post them.

I’m autistic. I see these memes here and there. I’m not laughing. Many autistic people are not laughing. I don’t give a flying winged fuck about who your audience is, you are harming autistic people with those memes.

Don’t give me a shit excuse like “It’s just a joke.”

NO, it’s a matter of life and death!

Memes like that feed into already incorrect beliefs that many people have about autism. 

We’re not lacking in intelligence or humanity.

Some of us have intellectual or cognitive disabilities as well as being autistic. Some of us aren’t able to communicate understandably. Some of us can’t live independently. Some of us wear diapers. Some of us can’t be in a room alone because we beat ourselves until we break bones and detach our retinas. Some of us depend on others for every aspect of life. 

Our most vulnerable autistic community members are hurt the most by your “dank memes”.

Don’t give me excuses of “they’ll never read it!” because the people who take care of them or see them every day very well could. They laugh at the memes and carry those beliefs into their caregiving. That can lead to the autistic person suffering abuse or worse.

The most vulnerable members of the autistic community can’t come here to defend themselves.

But I’m an autistic person who can make myself understood, so I’m coming here to defend them. I’m just one person, and I don’t expect anybody to keep reading, but I’m talking anyway.

Your memes aren’t funny.

Autistic people with extensive support needs are constantly abused (and can’t tell anyone) and murdered for being “too much work” for their caregivers. It’s been shown that many caregivers who kill the autistic person had access to extra support and didn’t utilize it. 

The autistic person’s privacy is ignored in favor of putting crisis moments online as videos for people to gawk at and their humanity is thrown away to turn them into a side show freak.

Your dank memes do exactly the same thing

They dehumanize us. They hurt us. They remind us that people still see us as something to squash under your shoe like a bug.

It’s not cool. It’s not funny.

It’s bullying.


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