No idea why the French title for “Log Date 7 15 2″ got translated to “a surprising friendship” but here we are

In case you’re wondering, “Wow, thanks!” is just “Wow, merci!” 

Ahahah I’m hoping that, like, a year from now I can re-watch some of these and understand most of it, instead of just words here and there. Like, I have no idea what French they used for “Where am I gonna put the star?!” But I did hear Peridot say “étoile” a couple of times. 

“Blagues: pourquoi la poule at-il traversé la route?” My guess at that sentence wasn’t that far off, nice. 

“…..est-ce quoi une poule.” 

I JUST REALIZED A HILARIOUS IN-UNIVERSE JOKE OH MY GOD which is that Camp Pining Hearts, because it’s a Canadian TV show in-universe (or whatever Canada is called in SU’s alternate history), would already have a French dub, or at least a version subtitled en français. Because Quebec. 

“C’est la guerre de la couleur, Paulette!” WAIT I UNDERSTOOD THAT LOOOOL okay I’m lol’ing so hard that of all the complete sentences I’ve understood in French, “It’s the color war, Paulette” is one of them. 

Someone needs to tell me if the voice-overs for the Camp Pining Hearts scenes have a Quebecois accent. (Even better if it’s an over-the-top exaggerated one, like the Canadian accent is in the original.) I can’t tell yet. (I’ve sent a message to the person who sent me the link to the French dubs lol, but if you know, go ahead and tell me.)

EDIT: Apparently, they did not. Damn. (That would have been funny, c’mon.)


“La compagnie d’Améthyste est très divertissement” YESSSS at least I think that’s right? 

She’s calling Granat “la fusionée” I think??? 

Okay the moment where Améthyste gestures to Perle and says, “Ahem, shall we?” before fusing into Opale–here she says, “Ahem, Mademoiselle?” which is cuuuuute

“Je regarde les étoiles” man I’m understanding whole sentences left and right tonight. Fucking sweet. 

“Fusion avec moi” Wouldn’t it be “fusionez”? If they’re treating it like a verb? Am I just not hearing the -ez?

“Fusionée permanent”? I think that’s what Péridot says? The part where in the original she says “Why are you fused all the time?”

Augh I feel like if I had the patience I could figure out their entire conversation about fusion. I know they’re using “comprendre” a lot. Mais, maintenant, je ne comprends pas cette scène. Or rather, I understand what’s happening–just not the individual sentences. 

“Parce que je suis comme Percy et Pierre” omg omg omg

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