I’m gonna be real here for a sec, and I’m sorry for being the one to say it. Every single one of you who is advocating for shows that tried to be inclusive and had hiccups to be voted down and be punished by attempting to lower the ratings and sending messages to the higher ups are playing themselves. You all turned on SU, Korra, Voltron, and will turn on the Dragon Prince and She-Ra as well when those also turn out to be flawed shows and not peak respectability politics as well. There is no such thing as a perfect show, let alone the prefect rep. 

Do you really believe execs care about what you’re saying? All that they will see is that people hate shows with reps, and that shows with reps get the most hate and more so than shows that don’t even try, so the message to them is that we shouldn’t try since people will eventually turn on them. All you’re doing is making creators see what these shows go through and go you know what, it’s not worth it. Because the level of outright malice is vicious and horrifying. 

Execs don’t care what you’re saying all they see is that you hated the rep so to them it’s better to not have rep. If you think big corporations care about your plight then you are heavily misguided. Creators have to fight and fight to get scraps and there are many internal politics on what goes down and how. They aren’t kidding when they say they fight for it. Shows that try will always be held on a higher standard and when that isn’t met it’s punished for trying and those above the shows will go welp, better never include those nasty queers if they’re gonna hate it. Thats’ the bitter reality of it and it will never change so choose your words and actions carefully. 

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