So I went to my therapist the other day, and later in the appointment I mentioned that I like to write self-insert fiction to cope. I also said that I generally hide it and felt embarrassed mentioning it due to the way people treat the concept online.

She said that self-inserting yourself into art and writing is an incredibly healthy way to feel good about yourself, and that she was appalled when I told her about the way it’s mocked on the internet.

So never feel bad about self-inserting or enjoying reader insert fanfiction, 1/1 professionals agree that it’s good for you and that the jerks who say you’re doing something wrong are just uneducated and don’t understand. Never listen to the anons who try to make you feel bad ❤ 

Have a really nice day!

make that 2/2 professionals. my therapist talked about this too. she also talked about projecting onto characters and said that was an extremely healthy way to cope with things that you’re dealing with and things that have happened to you!!

3/3 i also talked to one of my therapists about this once and he was both very happy i’d found a good coping mechanism and super incensed at the fact that people online constantly and actively shut it down and, therefore, make the writers/artists abandon something actually good for them because the bullies find it “cringy” or w/e

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