Okay, I’m broke and need to pay rent and hopefully get money put back for BCC, so commissions are open!!

Writing examples are here on tumblr or here on AO3!

Art is here and NSFW art is here!

Art turnaround is pretty quick, usually!

For writing, generally, 1-5k words would probably take about a week, but I may have to extend that depending upon my mental health; I will work to make sure that nothing 5k or below goes beyond a month without being completed. 5k/week is a good general metric for how long things will take, but I will remain in contact with you about how quickly the writing is going.

Commissions will be at least the length paid for; any words over the paid-for amount can be considered freebies unless you particularly feel like tipping extra.

Full payment is expected in advance; message me to discuss what you want done beforehand, and I will provide a PayPal invoice once details have been worked out.

I also have a Patreon here!!

Thank you for your time! /)w(

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