when are you gonna put lapis on the crystal gem page?


when i decide she’s earned it. 


  • when she lives up to (or attempts to live up to) the crystal gem manifesto.
  • when she demonstrates a desire to stay a crystal gem, outside of one (1) emotionally-charged situation.
  • when she’s fighting for something, rather than having no better option. 
  • when she solidifies these desires in a more permanent way, ie wearing a star and attempting to shed her homeworldian perspective. 

i don’t say any of this to slander her, btw. i say it because i don’t think it’s out of the question that she will backtrack on this (as she’s done before), or that further complications won’t crop up between her and the others (ie bismuth). 


more importantly, i’ve thought for a long time that the divide between crystal and homeworld gem would start to blur if rose was pink diamond. and it has: 

lapis is likely pardoned of all crimes if a diamond (steven) decides she’s pardoned, which means she can basically Do Whatever without the crystal gems. this would make her accountable to no one, even more than before. 

jasper is formally a crystal gem if she decides to stay with pink after finding the truth, but that also makes her a loyalist. being a rebel would mean rejecting pink… in which case, she might become the first “homeworld gem” to truly hate her diamond. 

peridot never truly let go of her home, or her old self. she wants to help. she thinks it’s a tragedy that homeworld doesn’t have the resources it needs, and that’s not a plight she can just let go of. she might be a formal crystal gem, but her ambition is for both sides to be better off. 

so… with this in mind, there may come a point when it’s appropriate for me to tear down the wall and stop categorizing them one way or another.

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