ulrich and yumi don’t have an unhealthy relationship. the fact that i even have to say this is incredible. mutual support and respect and enjoying each other’s company is unhealthy now? i dont even want to HEAR about jealousy. they both experience it and jump to conclusions and so do all the other characters, including jeremie who literally started attacking his friends for thinking they gave aelita a necklace for valentine’s day lmao, bc they’re young. they’re all in middle school. they’re learning how to navigate their emotions. that’s why that ep where xana goes around kissing everybody successfully creates divides, cause they’re children. that shit wouldnt work if they were 17/18. it aint right to act petty cause you’re jealous okay but it happens binch especially when you’re like 14 and unsure of where you stand with someone. it doesnt make it unhealthy. ulrich and yumi get along so well together outside of their uncertainty with romance. they talk and laugh and trust each other with vulnerabilities. they understand each other. they’re always there for each other. they’re partners, like their friendship is so solid and good and that’s what makes the pairing so enjoyable. even when they have misunderstandings or act stupid, they always work it out or apologize and everything’s fine, and that’s pretty much the opposite of unhealthy

Totally agree, getting jealous doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a regular person with flaws like everyone else on this planet (even Aelita got angry at Jeremie for supposedly kissing Heidi in X.A.N.A’s Kiss ,got jealous of Brynja in Kadic Bombshell and Laura in Evolution)I’m not gonna deny that Ulrich and Yumi haven’t had some problematic moments(like using Sissi and William to piss each other off in St. Valentine’s Day and Yumi manhandling Ulrich in Routine) but they’re just kids and I feel it’s something they’ll grow out of as they grow up and mature. Later episodes already show them taking those steps in the right direction. Stop giving kids a hard time for acting like kids.

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