There’s this app where you can help a blind person with a problem they’re having and it’s mad wavy





The app is called Be My Eyes and allows blind people to phone or message for help. The app seems to allow video and photos to be sent and the sighted person on the other end can send a message to the blind person, answering whatever inquiry they have.

[This is a set of screenshots about the app called Be My Eyes.

First photo: The overview page for the app. The top says “Be My Eyes- helping the blind.”

Second photo: The preview page on the app store. It shows two phones. The one on the left is titled “Volunteer” and says “Join the community and help it grow.” The one on the right is titled “Blind.” The phone under the title has “Call first available volunteer,” written in large font.

Third photo: More previews. Shows the messages between two people texting each other. The visually impaired person sent a picture of two cans of food, and is asking which one is beans. Another example shows the person sending a picture of their milk carton, and asking if it is expired.

Fourth photo: An iphone lock screen. A notification from the app says “a blind or visually impaired person is calling for help.”

Fifth photo: The profile page of a sighted user named Francis, who speaks English and Español. The top says there are 74,768 Blind and 1,033,846 Volunteers using the app.

Sixth photo: Text that says “Learn how to answer a call. When a blind or visually impaired person requests help, the app notifies multiple volunteers, and the first to respond is connected. The notification might look different whether your phone is locked or unlocked. Here you can try both scenarios.

Seventh photo: A notification from the app on an iphone home screen. The instructions say to pull the notification down or tap it to answer a call.

Eighth photo: The same notification on an iphone lock screen. The instructions say to tap it or slide it to answer the call.]

Please reblog the version of this post with image descriptions. It’s a service for blind folks, posted about in a format blind folks don’t have access to (without the descriptions).

Also, if you’re willing to download and use this app but you don’t go out of your way to add image descriptions to the images you share, please reevaluate that! Contact me if you need help adding image descriptions to things.

This app is actually very useful. The way sighted people are talking about it is not.

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