Express yourself the way you want, using as much stuff as you want, any which way you want!

You’ve probably noticed some changes we’ve been making to the way you post on iOS and Android.

It used to be that a post could only be one thing. Maybe it was a photo post or a video post or a quote. But no matter how much a photo post also wanted to be a chat, or a chat wanted to be a song, a post could never be more than it was born to be.

That’s all changed!

Now a post can be anything you want it to be (or whatever it was meant to be).

Tap the pencil to start a new post


Add anything you want from the toolbar


Text styles are under the Aa


Highlighting text brings up the color changer


This is posting the way it should be: Free from formats and constraints so you can express yourself the way you’ve always wanted needed to.

(Coming soon to the web!)

so you’re saying you just screwed over mobile users by no longer allowing them to post photosets, quotes, chats, etc, and by default everything is made into a text post, which means the /archive will no longer work to when it comes to separating text posts, photo posts, etc, AND you’re planning on bringing this crappy this to DESKTOP TOO???? which means all the beautiful photosets and gifsets that people have made for years will no longer be able to be made??? hard pass, we hate this

Hi there everyone – you can buy a Pillowfort registration key for $5 from their Paypal.  Just in case you might be contemplating jumping ship.

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