Do you like Bubbline, but don’t want to have to go through 200+ episodes of Adventure Time? Fear not!

Or perhaps you want to skip all the filler episodes and just get to the plot? Fear not!

I went by season and put them in chronological order as well as specified if it was simply Bubbline stuff or plot-related (very basic plot-related just so you know enough to get a general idea of what’s going on; these will be marked with an asterisk *) so you can choose if you want to see the plot ones too or focus solely on the ship. If you want solely the plot-related episodes (and I mean ones that are a little more than just basic plot, see this post—though I can pretty much guarantee the episodes listed in this Bubbline post are most likely listed in that one too).

Season 1 (2):

Evicted! (Just Marceline)

Henchman (Just Marceline)

Season 2 (4):

It Came from the Nightosphere (Marceline)

Go with Me (Subtle Bubbline)

Mortal Folly* (Simply show plot)

Mortal Recoil* (Simply show plot)

Season 3 (5):

Memory of a Memory (Marceline; some past, but not too deep; more present than past)

What Was Missing (Some Bubbline)

Holly Jolly Secrets, Part I (Plot, but indirectly related to Marceline’s past)

Holly Jolly Secrets, Part II (Plot, but indirectly related to Marceline’s past; continued from Part I)

Marceline’s Closet (Marceline)

Season 4 (7):

Return to the Nightosphere (Marceline)

Daddy’s Little Monster (Marceline)

Princess Monster Wife* (This is just a really, really good ep; completely optional)

Princess Cookie* (This is also a really, really good ep; completely optional)

Lady & Peebles (Princess Bubblegum characterization)

I Remember You (Marceline, specifically her past)

The Lich* (Simply show plot)

Season 5 (10):

Finn the Human* (Simply show plot)

Jake the Dog* (Simply show plot)

Simon & Marcy (Marceline, a lot of her past revealed)

Sky Witch (Bubbline)

Time Sandwich (There’s like one single interaction between Bubbline, so it’s not über necessary)

The Vault (Bubblegum’s past)

Red Starved (Another one with one Bubbline interaction, but this interaction is kinda funny)

James (Bubblegum characterization)

Rattleballs (Bubblegum’s past)

Betty* (Plot; related to Ice King)

Season 6 (6):

Princess Day (Some Bubbline, but mostly Marceline)

Evergreen* (Plot; pertains to Ice King, but this could be considered optional)

You Forgot Your Floaties* (Plot; indirectly related to Ice King, concerns Betty, whom you’ll find out about)

Orgalorg* (Simply show plot)

Hot Diggity Doom* (Simply show plot)

The Comet* (Simply show plot)

Season 7 (13):

Bonnie & Neddy (Princess Bubblegum’s past, FINALLY)

Varmints (Bubbline like HELLA)

Stakes [all eight episodes of this miniseries which follows Marceline and features some Bubbline]:

-Marceline the Vampire Queen (Stakes Pt. I)

-Everything Stays (Stakes Pt. II)

-Vamps About (Stakes Pt. III)

-Empress Eyes (Stakes Pt. IV)

-May I Come In? (Stakes Pt. V)

-Take Her Back (Stakes Pt. VI)

-Checkmate (Stakes Pt. VII)

-The Dark Cloud (Stakes Pt. VIII)

King’s Ransom (Ice King, Betty Grof)

Crossover* (Show plot)
•The Thin Yellow Line (Princess Bubblegum’s past)

Season 8 (16):

Broke His Crown (Ice King/Simon Petrikov, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum)

I Am a Sword* (Show plot)

Normal Man* (Plot, not hugely important)

Elemental* (Plot, not hugely important)

Preboot* (Plot)

Reboot* (Plot)

Two Swords* (Plot)

Do No Harm* (Plot)

Islands* [all eight episodes of this miniseries is more about plot, specifically things surrounding Finn]:

The Invitation (Islands Pt. I)

Whipple the Happy Dragon (Islands Pt. II)

Mysterious Island (Islands Pt. III)

Imaginary Resources (Islands Pt. IV)

Hide and Seek (Islands Pt. V)

Min & Marty (Islands Pt. VI)

Helpers (Islands Pt. VII)

The Light Cloud (Islands Pt. VIII)

Season 9 (11):

Elements* [this eight-episode miniseries is mostly important to plot but also contains material related to the Ice King and Betty]

Skyhooks (Elements Pt. I)

Bespoken For (Elements Pt. II)

Winter Light (Elements Pt. III)

Cloudy (Elements Pt. IV)

Slime Central (Elements Pt. V)

Happy Warrior (Elements Pt. VI)

Hero Heart (Elements Pt. VII)

Skyhooks II (Elements Pt. VIII)

Ketchup (Marceline and some Bubbline hints)

Whispers* (Plot)

Three Buckets (Plot and some of PB’s past coming back)

Season 10 [Final Season] (8):

The Wild Hunt* (Plot)

Always BMO Closing* (Plot)

Bonnibel Bubblegum (Princess Bubblegum’s past)

Seventeen (Plot and Princess Bubblegum’s past)

Marcy & Hunson (Marceline characterization)

Temple of Mars (Plot and Betty)

Gumbaldia (Plot)

Come Along with Me [Series Finale] (Plot and Bubbline endgame)

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