Jeremie and Aelita: Mind Reading

One of my fav things about about Jerlita is how well Jeremie seems to know her

In X.A.N.A’s Kiss he knew right away that he’d find her at the The Hermitage. This ended up being a very good thing because if he hadn’t the specter would’ve been able to get Aelita to the factory and to the Scyphozoa without intervention from the other warriors.

Even in Aelita, an episode so commonly used against him,he was the first to pick up on her mood and ask her what was wrong and they had to put him under library lockdown to keep him from getting to her because let’s face it, had he been able to leave the library to talk to her like he was going to, he would’ve likely found her himself(like in X.A.N.A’s Kiss) and apologized but then the writers wouldn’t have been able to stretch out the fight till the end of the episode. 

In Lab Rat, Jeremie was able to quickly deduce that she was thinking of her own birthday and agrees to make up a date for it.

in Echoes, he tells Aelita that she doesn’t need to explain herself to him and that he knows exactly why she voted the way she did.

How easily he can read her is a true testament to how much he cares about her.

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