*noises associated with an undead being arising from a grave*


Hello there. Please don’t be startled!

I started this blog years ago on a whim, when “f yeah [major]” blogs were popular and no one had tapped the wealth of humor and internal suffering that English majors hold so dear. It boomed, I got more followers than I knew what to do with, and I really had no idea how to keep the momentum going as a college student with lots of anxiety. 

So, the blog more or less died. Every year, though, like clockwork, around the start of a new school year the stats pick up and I start getting reblogs again, presumably as new English majors begin a journey of reading lots of things they don’t really want to and bullshitting their way through lots of papers just a handful of hours before they’re due….and I think that’s wonderful!

As for me, I graduated with my English major (with high honors!!!! woo.) and promptly fell into “adulting” with all its accompanying stress and anxiety for about four years, having no idea what to do with my literary interests. In the last year, however, I’ve gotten back to my English Major Armadillo roots! By pursuing another degree! I’m currently enrolled in an MFA program for Creative Nonfiction. It’s awesome. I love being a student again and I love being encouraged to read and write and do homework and worry about deadlines. 

All this is to say….I would love to bring this blog back to life in some form. Maybe the meme is dead? Maybe it’s not? You tell me. I want all of you reading this to let me know, through a reply or an ask, what you’d like to see from this blog. 

More memes?
Different memes?
Writing prompts?
Tips and tricks?
Book recommendations?
Attempts at humor?


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