Hey, other trans women. Here’s the deal

Very few terfs are actually innocently mislead. 

This isn’t some kind of liberal you’re dealing with

who is operating under denial and tries to be a decent person to some level at least.

These people are on the same level as westboro baptist churchers. They want trans women eradicated. Destroyed. Literally “morally mandated out of existence” (as Janice Raymond wrote).

They want us dead.

They can not be reasoned with. They can’t be convinced. They can’t be made to see reality. They will, even if you attempt gentle communication, work to hurt you. They will work to abuse you. They will work to do as much harm as possible in the hopes that they can either cow you to their genocidal viewpoint or harm you enough to defend yourself so they can claim you were a “violent dangerous male”.

The only purpose for communicating with a terf is to tear apart their rhetoric for others to see. Make it clear that they’re wrong to others. You’re not here to convince them. It’s not worth the cost of trauma to you. 

Seriously, it’s not worth it. Don’t expose yourself to it. If you have to engage, do it swiftly, rip their crap apart and then block and move on. They are out to hurt you. And enough of us die every day, enough of us suffer every day, for any of us to go into hell willingly. 

Please just don’t do it.

This post recently got reblogged by a bunch of shitty terfs and because I simply blocked them instead of engaging, my day wasn’t ruined. So it works 🙂

I just blocked yet more terfs thanks to this post. I’m feeling great 🙂

Using posts like this as honeypots works wonders. TERFs don’t talk to me anymore (and I suddenly started getting less anonymous suicide baiting, weirdly enough.)

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