Traditional Egyptian Zodiac Signs





(January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)  

  • Nile people are very determined, passionate, and peaceful people. They are leaded by their dreams and passions and bring harmony wherever they go. They are very analytical and are great with details. Their open-mindness makes them well liked, they treat all walks of life equal and help anyone in need of a helping hand. 

Amun Ra:
(January 8-21, February 1-11)

  • Amun Ra is the god of creation. Those who belong to this sign are strong, firm, athletic, and hard working. Their strengths are strong will-power, courage, and self-confidence. They are also excellent leaders and organizers. Their known weaknesses are intolerance and anger. They can excel in financial related professions. 

(January 22-31, September 8-22)

  • If your Egyptian astrological sign is Mut, you have a great vision on how you want to live your life. You are determined and focused on making your dreams come true. Mut people are often sensitive and shy and keep their true feelings hidden from those around them. Only when they get to know someone really well, they will open up and show who they really are. 

(February 12-29, August 20-31)  

  • People born under Geb are reliable, honest, and caring with their families and friends. Their personality is friendly, endearing, and authentic which make them well-liked. Geb people trust their intuition and feelings and have strong sense about things. They can by shhy, sensitive, introverted, negative things can get to them easily. 

(March 1-10, November 27 to December 18)

  • Osiris is the god of the underworld. Those who take their birth under this sign are extremely perplexing and misunderstood. Their strengths are dynamism, intelligence, smartness, and enterprising. Their only weakness is that they try to avoid responsibility. These people are good in teaching and selling. Osiris people are optimistic, positive and passionate about their future and therefore excellent with starting new endeavors.  

(March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

  • The goddess Isis is the deity of discipline. People born under this sign are honorable, proud, and idealistic. They’re also very logical and intuitive. People under the influence of Isis are mostly calm, generous, and optimistic. Their strength lies in being active and self-reliant. Isis people are also quite popular among their friends and are very good communicators. Their weaknesses are extreme obsession and withdrawing, when the chips are down. 

(April 1-19, November 8-17)

  • Thoth is the god of wisdom and learning. People born under the sign of the god of divine words are excellent in solving their problems and skilled at organizing things and events. Nevertheless, they can forego anything in exchange for a better offer. Thoth people are seasoned, original, and authentic. At times, they are very rash, impatient and hasty. 

(April 20 to May 7, August 12-19)

  • Horus is the God of the Sky and the Shining Sun. The people who are born under this sign are courageous, daring, and aggressive. Horus people are optimistic, social, and extremely motivated to achieve their goals. They want to achieve the best of life. However, they could be unrealistic, stubborn, and extremely reluctant to face others. Family is very important to people under this sign, and they tend to place the needs of their loved one’s before their own. 

(May 8-27, June 29 to July 13)

  • Anubis is the deity of the underworld. It’s probably the most determined and tolerant of all signs. People who are born under this sign are self reliant, self confident, and has the ability to carry out any task. They are extremely sympathetic, generous, loving, affectionate, and caring. Their weakness could be that people may take them for a ride at times. Anubis people are very generous and creative. Their emotions are sometimes intense, authoritative, and unpredictable. 

(May 28 to June 18, September 28 to October 2)

  • If you are born under this sign, you are a free spirit that does not like to be held back. You are seeking change and new adventures that offer you new challenges in life. You dislike any kind of routine and like to try new things and go to new places. Seth people are natural leaders and strive to exceed in everything they do. No challenge is too big for a Seth. You are very determined and persistent in pursuing your goals and dreams and will not give up until they are accomplished. 

(July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

  • You are searching for harmony, peace, and balance in your life and you dislike any kind of confrontations, chaos, and stressful situations. As a Bastet, it is easy for you to put others’ needs above your own and lend a helping hand whenever you see need. You’re not only loyal in romantic relationships but also with family and friends. You can be truly counted on. Bastets can be sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, but at the same time very protective over those they love. 

(July 29 to August 11, October 30 to November 7)

  • Sekhmet is the Goddess of War and Vengeance. Those who are born under this Egyptian zodiac sign are mentally brilliant, imaginative and optimistic. They’re extremely jovial and talkative with people. They are witty and accommodating and their strengths lie in their hospitable character. Sekhmet people are honest, sensitive, and good in business. Their weaknesses are anger, impatience, argumentative, and are characterized by their lack of indulgence, their uncompromising side and their sense of values. 

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I’m a Mut.

I’m Satet! And it’s fitting!

Satet pride

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