i put “All I Want for Christmas is You” through a MIDI converter, and then back through an mp3 converter

the result is this garbage

I’m driving myself up the wall because I swear I can hear the vocal line but I don’t know how that could be if it was truly converted to MIDI. Unless you can replicate speech sounds entirely with modulated MIDI notes, in which case I’m actually impressed with this tire fire of an MP3.


the holiday season is almost upon us and I’d like to bring back this absolute fucking monstrosity of an audio file

Oh come on, this is fun


DAY 764)
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia 

– Cave

Composer: Hiromi Shibano

Happy 9/8 time day!!! (for day/month calendar users). The best way to write it out here is more ambiguous than in most music since there’s basically nothing to latch onto other than that loop of 18 notes but since I can’t think of anything else for 9/8 time day I’m going to just say this is 9/8!

This track is like the ultra stereotype of Hiromi Shibano odd time music haha, weird warpy synths and tense atonality. I love that of course!