INKTOBER DAY 8: Naegi x Kirigiri

My first contact with the Danganronpa fandom was the anime adaptadion of the first game… I didn’t actually get the oportunity to play the first and second game untill I got the ps4 version at the begining of this year. Kyoko Kirigiri became my favorite character almost instantly and her interactions with an ‘everyday guy’ like Makoto made a very interesting contrast. By the time I watched the last episode I was shipping them SO HARD xD

One thing that bugged me then, was that the burns in her hands was never discussed after she showed them in the last class trial. At first I though it was something omited in the anime, but it turned out the original game also was very cryptic about the origin of those burns… nor in other official material aparently…

I like to imagine that, at some point after the end of the first game and before they joined the Future Foundation, Makoto got curious about the burning, but not wanting to make Kyoko uncomfortable, he posponed the questioning until, one day, he simply asked her if she could show him her hand again. Without hesitation, she complied… then, Makoto asks if it is ok to let him touch it, wich she accedes to… seeing up close the severity of the burns, Makoto completily forgets about asking her about the origin, and simply says something along the lines of ‘It has to be very painfull…’ Surprised by his delicacy on the matter, Kyoko can only respond: ‘It was. Not anymore’

In contrast with the complex art I did yesterday, I decided to do something simple. Luckily for me
Komatsuzaki’s art is quite easy to imitate… maybe I’ll try to do some more fanarts once I finished the challenge 😛

You have to wonder when their classmates in 78 first saw sparks fly between Naegi and Kirigiri. Slowly but surely, perhaps she just found his outlooks interesting before eventually admitting that she finds HIM interesting. Naegi, naturally, has always considered his classmates pretty amazing people. Hearing some of her deductions might be the odd time when he says it out loud, though. You just know someone shouted “get a room, you two!”


I feel like their reactions to hearing that would be similar to when Makoto overheard Kyoko praising him

Makoto is all blushy blushu while Kyoko just turns away and coughs