1. What the fuck kinda answer is that?

2. How the hell did she stay so calm??

And this shitbag is running for president rn

He looks like he died and was left in the desert to rot, covered over with dirt for a week, then dug up, reanimated and made a political candidate.

If you look at her eyes closely you can see all the ways she’s imagining killing him

hey everyone this scumbag is jair bolsonaro and hes currently leading the race for presidency in brazil.

he is incredibly racist, homophobic and sexist, having multiple tines stated disgusting things like the ones said above

he also is a supporter of the military dictatorship that we were under for a few decades

there is a real chance he might win the elections in a month and i am dreading the future bc of this result

@my fellow brazilians in this website #EleNão

por favor, ele não

This is somehow the least offensive scene involving Bolsonaro, but unfortunately the only one involving an interview in english. I mean, we are talking about a dude who genuinely screamed “I wouldn’t rape you because you are ugly” at a woman inside national congress and always supported the idea that homosexuality is a disease.

Unfortunately he will probably win, thanks to his main opponent being related to our previous widely corrupt government and people convinced that only an extremist dumbass can change the country. 




op was a terf so I’m stealing the post but yeah if you’re called for jury duty and during the elimination process you’re asked if you’ve ever had any adverse experience with a man (harrassment or rape or any other male violence) just fuckin lie and say no & vote that fucker guilty bc they sure don’t screen for rapists on jury duty only survivors

I did this and sent a 40 year old man to jail for having sex with a 13 year old girl. Almost every day after each court session, I would burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably because sitting in that courtroom was a trigger. I stuck it out because I was knew that girl deserved to feel like her voice was heard.

damn that’s incredibly brave of you thank you so much for sharing





college is starting and rape culture is still extremely prominent and men can be fuckin gross so I’m here to let y’all know Amazon is selling pepper spray for only $8.

over 50% of college sexual assaults happen within the first month of college.

to my fellow freshman girlies out there, go parties in groups, don’t walk alone late at night, and if you sense some shady shit going on don’t hesitate to interfere. trust your gut. people are getting sicker by the minute and nothing seems to be changing anytime soon.


I’m not lying fuck men omfg

as a former RA, who has seen way too much of this shit, it is important to highlight that most of these assaults will not be someone grabbing you from behind a bush or something – a lot of the weapons used against you will be social convention and alcohol/drugs.

it will be at parties. surrounded by people, where you lose sight of a friend and you’re surrounded. it will be guys “making sure to bring you home” while you’re drunk. it’ll be “come on over and let’s watch a movie”, it’ll be so many insidious things.

please always push back from any pressure or challenge to your boundaries. GET LOUD. your physical and mental health is SO much more important than how “cool” you seem. make a fuss, and it might make things awkward, but it’ll be so much better than the alternative. i’ve had so many of my residents come back for the night, so regretful about staying silent while a guy felt her up because she didn’t want to rock the boat or “ruin the mood” of the party. DO IT. 

keep a friend, a trusted friend, preferably a girl, and use the goddamn buddy system. do not let your buddy out of sight. keep together at all times, and not just at parties – even at casual outings. new roommate? talk to them about how you want to stick together and make sure nothing happens.

do not go anywhere alone for the first month (this is also just a good practice to meet new people and find new friends lol). go to campus-run events, which are usually more tame and supervised (and still fun!). 

know the red flags, and always be cautious of going alone with any man – ESPECIALLY if they’re older. that includes going to parties, movies, even out to lunch.  

i don’t want to scare people at all, i really want you to be safe. know that there are campus resources if things do happen, but when it comes down to it, CALL THE POLICE. campus police and counselors can help you deal with trauma and change your classes so you’re away from your assailant, but they’re ultimately working for the university that doesn’t want to report assaults. grab a friend to stay with you to support you – hell, if you live in a residence hall, most RAs have been trained with crisis counseling and will stick with you to the end, and CALL THE POLICE.

pepper spray is a good start, but half the battle is knowing the warning signs and sticking together, and never being afraid to fight back. 

also like… start checking your guy friends who do this type of shit and not just when it’s a girl you personally care about