This is a Ball Python!

I just really wanted to draw a snake, so I did!

I tried to make it feel like what Toto – Africa is, but I don’t know if I really made it feel like it. I may have also overdone some effects trying to make it look vintage-ish (woops!).

I hope it looks ok, and I hope you all enjoy!

and remember to have an Awesome Day!! 😀

Can you do a tutorial/ref to the different type of snake heads? I’ve noticed that Python heads seem to have one shape, but other species will have other shapes, and I was wondering if you could do a handy guide to the different sort of snake faces.




friend, pythons are a beautiful and diverse family…here, let’s meet some:

but there are many, many snakes out there, and all of them have unique shapes

the short-tail face should be called “side of beef” hahaha!!!










hognoses are fucking ridiculous

ok. i had to look this up, because this seems just too ridiculous. and wiki does not disappoint: “…
the hognose snake will often roll onto its back and play dead with its mouth open and tongue lolling, going as far as to emit a foul musk from the cloaca.
Emission of cloacal musk is considerably less likely than in many other
species. If the snake is rolled upright while in this state, it will
often roll over again as if to insist that it is really dead.”


Regal ringneck snake (Diadophis punctatus regalis)

This colorful beauty is a subspecies of ringneck snake endemic to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. They are among the larger of the ringneck snake subspecies, growing from 8 to 34 inches (20 to 87 cm) long. The regal ringneck snake is found in the mountains, not in the desert. The regal ringneck snake, unlike other subspecies, is almost exclusively ophiophagous, having a diet that consists primarily of other snakes. They have enlarged rear teeth and a weak venom that serves to immobilize their small prey, but is harmless to humans. Ringneck snakes are nocturnal, secretive snakes which spend most of their time hiding under rocks or other ground debris. If threatened, the ringneck snake typically hides its head and twists its tail in a corkscrew type motion, exposing its brightly colored underside, and expels a foul smelling musk from its credits: imexcursions, imgur