Naegiri theoretical child getting hype for Detective Pikachu because Mom is a Detective!!!! With amused parents


I’m going to borrow Hikari Naegi from @kazukibou for this ask, because she seems like a good match for it. 🙂

Eight-year-old Hikari Naegi raced into the office of her parents’ home excitedly, her long lavender hair trailing behind her. “Mom! Mom! Did you see that trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie?!”

Kyoko, who was typing something when her daughter charged in, paused to consider the statement. With a serious expression on her face, she mused, “Hmm… would that be ‘Detective Peek-at-You,’ as it sounds in English, or is it ‘Detective Spark-Squeak,’ as in Japanese onomatopoeia?”

The younger girl groaned. “Jeez, mom, don’t you remember who Pikachu is?! He’s that yellow cutie from Pokémon!”

“Of course I know who Pikachu is,” Kyoko said, smiling. “Everyone alive knows who or what a Pikachu is; I was only teasing you.”

Ignoring that admission, Hikari’s enthusiasm charged forward: “There’s a movie coming out where he’s a DETECTIVE, mom! A real movie with real live people in it! And he’s gonna be a super-smart detective now, just like you!” As she rambled on, she raced over to Kyoko’s left side and clasped onto her arm.

Kyoko giggled softly. “Yes, I’ve heard about this movie,” she said.

“He’s gonna solve a missing-persons case!” Hikari continued. “For, uhhh, for this boy who is the only one that can hear him speaking full sentences and stuff! I think it might be magic?! Maybe the boy has Pokémon DNA in him? Ooh, I wonder what number Pikachu would be in the Detective Library?! If he solves this case and the missing person is still alive, then his number would start with an eight, right?”

By this point, Kyoko was grinning at her daughter’s enthusiasm. “That’s right. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to grant him an official DSC number after we see the movie,” she said as she brushed back her daughter’s hair with her left hand.

At last, Hikari paused Her nose scrunched up a bit. “Hey, wait.” She looked at her mother accusingly. “How did you know about this movie anyway? The trailer came up only minutes ago, and you never follow that pop-culture stuff!”

Her mother’s mouth tightened into a confident, cocky smile. “I only knew it was being made because of someone else in the house,” she confessed. “And I’m sure he’s just as excited about the trail—”

“Kyoko! Kyoko!” shouted a voice accompanied by the noise of feet pounding up the stairs. Makoto Naegi swung through the doorway, beaming. “The first trailer for that live-action Pokémon movie I told you about is out! It looks so good! I’ve gotta show you! There’s like, fur?! They look so soft!”

“I KNOW!” Hikari screamed in agreement. She instantly let go of Kyoko’s arm and ran over to geek out with her father.

Kyoko Kirigiri just laughed quietly as her daughter and husband started talking over one another enthusiastically.