@ridesbymelanieb So the other day, one of my future brides asked what made me decide to work primarily with brides. It was the first time someone pointedly asked that question, and I had to think about it, because I couldn’t articulate it at the time. .


In a nutshell, do you see the way my bride @eboogie29 AND her husband are beaming?!! I mean they are literally CHEESING 😍and he is even pumping his fists like he hit a home run! (Which he did 😉)Their love and joy is UNDENIABLE. I do what I do because I get to play a little a part in that type of joy! Which in turn, brings me joy! Many times, I get a chance to get to know my couples and build a relationship as I am taking the journey with them. Sometimes, I may only meet the groom to be once, but in those moments, I watch them together! The little giggles, the little stares, oh how I love, love!

Being able to make a bride feel like she is the Queen of Sheba as she presents herself to her man, and the guests at her wedding, is a big deal! If she looks and feels amazing, then my job is DONE, and is a direct contribution to her overall feeling the entire day. What an honor and a blessing. .