Aaaaand all the Connies are complete! And with this I have new AU sheets for all four of the Mystery Kids! Woo baby! Honestly, I’m quite proud of how these all turned out so, so as usual, here’s the complete list across all the AUs, from top to bottom: 

1. Up top we have traditional UF Connie, complete with Rose’s sword ^_^
2. Next we also have Reverse Connie, running into battle like the badass mini-soldier she is
3. Then we have Momswap Connie, a complete contrast seeing as how she’s an absolute sunshine daughter
4. Next up is Teen Connie, in her lovely red dress!
5. Then there’s Adult Connie, who just so happens to be a very responsible and successful school principle 
6. After that there’s Swap Connie, reading through journal 3, of course
7. Next is the debut appearance of GB/WM Connie, with her favored sunhat! ^_^
8. Then there’s CF Connie, or rather, Conichalcite (who yes, is a full Gem)
9. Next we have a spooked Monster Falls Ghost Connie!
10. Then there’s UF2 Connie, with her saucy new look, ready and raring to go for battle!
11. And finally we have MK2 Connie, giving us the most knowing “mom” look ever lol

So yep, thems the gals! Like I said, these turned out really cute but I think my favorite is Momswap and Swap. They both look so cute and huggable imo just… yes. So yeah next time I do these, I’m actually gonna be making them for MK fusions (Stevonnie, Maven, and Stepper) before moving on to other characters. Mostly because I love those fusions so much omg