Lmao idc if y’all @ me but She Ra is just Voltron done right

How? They have like, nothing in common. Also I hate to be that person but Voltron also had a great first season so maaaybe we shouldn’t be saying it’s “Voltron done right” when they still have several seasons to fuck up

I have a lot of faith in She Ra because of the crew.

The director/producer is Noelle Stevenson, a well known wlw that worked on Lumberjanes before ( For people unaware, Lumberjanes is well known for being a fantasy in the woods comic with lesbians, transgender characters and girls of color, that has always been respectfully portrait).

I made the post as a joke (and yeah it’s meant to be a joke dw) but I am actually saddened that Voltron’s crashing fuckin plane is affecting a show in which crew (of which as I am aware there’s lot of LGBT folks) actually gives a shit and tries to do well, and it shows on how even the “Comic relief” characters are treated with respect (which was Voltron’s S1 biggest mistake).

Sure, it can crash and burn too but it’s got a lot on it’s favor, different body types, characters of color, CANON lgbt folks, a crew that cares, a good story, diverse villains with different reasons to be on the bad side, neutral characters, a lot of emotional-driven moments and a commentary on abuse.

I’m wildly optimistic about this.


i wish i was rich so i could donate to every single paypal or kofi or gofundme or anything else that i saw for those who needed a little extra bit of help. i don’t know why you wouldn’t spend a few minutes doing this each day if you had literal billions of dollars that you would never spend otherwise. too bad only assholes are billionaires.