a gentle reminder that you did well this year. you met new people, learned new things and felt new feelings. you did so many things that made you scared. you picked yourself up off the floor after feeling completely defeated or heartbroken. there were some really tough nights but you survived them all. you made people happy just by existing. you accepted many goodbyes but the serendipitous meetings made up for them. it was your own hard work that paid off but you always downplay it or compare yourself to others. that’s not fair on yourself. you’ve come so far from the first day of this year. you have more wisdom and strength now. yes, other people seem more “successful” but does that even matter? please don’t think so lowly of yourself to only think about your failures. 2018 was your year of growth. I hope you take a moment to be kind to yourself, and believe that 2019 will be even better.


Man, B99 did Holt so right. He’s not just gay as lip service, he’s visibly gay. We see acknowledgement and dealing with homophobia and racism, and his success despite it. We see him advocating and supporting other queer black officers. We meet his husband, not just as a “here he is” but as an actual relationship. Kevin isn’t just a carbon copy of Raymond nor is he a comical opposite. They are similiar enough that you understand how they fell in love, but they are unique personalities. They have troubles and arguments, but stay together and support each other. Honestly they are one of the best on screen couples I’ve seen period, let alone a gay one. He’s also a stoic character who remains stoic while still warming up and having humour and connection with others, without changing his personality to make it easier for the writers. He’s an enjoyable character, and respectfully treated, and I love him and the writers and the actor.


shows nowadays always try to be clever with “metaphors” for racism and homophobia and whatnot. but back in 2004, static shock just said the shit outright. they had multiple episodes about combating racism and discussing static’s issues he encounters being a black superhero. they had episodes about combating homophobia. static’s best friend was canonically gay and they actually said the word gay, IN A KIDS CARTOON IN 2004. richie foley was the first gay character i ever saw on tv. why are shows nowadays so tiptoey about it? theyll have gay characters but bever actually have the characters talk about being gay or use the word “gay”.

static shock was super ahead of its time and is still to this day one of my favorite cartoons ever… im so excited for the live action static shock reboot thats in production, static has always been my favorite dc hero!!







Vijay Singh with the most outrageous golf shot the masters has ever seen. Ever.


I can only assume this is from some amazingly realistic looking sports anime because there ain’t no goddamn way that happened in real life.

I’ve definitely reblogged this before, but I just think it’s super cute because there are like “golf manners” where you’re not supposed to make a huge ruckus but like EVERYONE felt it warranted cheering because HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A GREAT SHOT.

how do you not hold your club above your head and hoot like a tusken raider after a shot like that